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ITV Bluesoleil "bluetooth modem" problem.

This is a small guide to solve a problem with ITV Blusoleil: During installation on several systems the program hangs while installing the bluetooth modem drivers.

This glitch was not solved by the bluesoleil assistance and to exacerbate things this blueooth driver is bundled with hundred of thousands of chinese cheap usb adapters leaving many users in complete panic.


STEP 1: Go to the Device Manager
To do it: Start - Then Right Click on the computer icon - Choose "properties" - A window will open, select the "Hardware" tab - Finally click on "Peripherals"

STEP 2: Carefully delete all instances of "bluetooth"
If you previously attempted a installation of bluesoleil or have inserted your adapter there would be here one or more instances of peripherals bluetooth related. Delete them one by one. To delete them select with left click and press "DEL" then confirm the deletion.

STEP 3: Manage your services.
Press the "windows" and "R" together. A box will open, type "services.msc" and click RUN. A console with running services will open.

STEP 4: Disable Telephony service
This is basically the service giving troubles to the installation of the bluetooth modem driver. Also telephony is not easy to disable!
In order to get rid if it the safes way is to do as follows: Right click on telephony - Choose Properties - In the "General" tab there is a startup option, set to disabled. Then Reboot.

STEP 5: Finish installation
After rebooting you got rid of the telephony service. Now you can install the ITV Blusoleil suite without the bluetooth modem driver issue. I guess that if you need it you can enable again the telephony driver by going once again to managing the services.

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Alle 11 febbraio 2008 22:20 , Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

Ciao Enrico. Thought for a moment this would solve my problem but my installation locks up while Installing Bluetooth Virtual Serial Ports and never manages to install the Bluetooth Modems. Any idea if there may be another service blocking Bluesoleil from completing installation? Grazie

Alle 12 febbraio 2008 17:53 , Blogger Enrico ha detto...

No, not really sure. I had to find the solution ravaging throught some Bulletin Boards (forums)...and since it was quite difficult I though I could post it for other fellas.

Maybe you can download another version of the Blusoleil driver from the website of blusoleil. Or even get a pirate one if you are desperate (guess you have a valid OEM license).

Anyway confidentially, it's better to stay at large from cheap chinese electronic imports unless they are backed up by some strong brand.

Alle 12 febbraio 2008 20:24 , Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks Enrico. I know how arduous it can be sifting through the forums for an answer to a question Bluesoleil should be providing in the first place. Must have been hours, days, weeks...

I finally just skipped installing Bluesoleil altogether and let my Windows XP drivers detect the dongle (OvisLink). Works like a charm now, no thanks to our friends at Bluesoleil.

The Bluesoleil installation disk makes a good frisbee, anyway.


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