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Sad performances of N82 as access point.

I'm a owner of a iPod Touch and a Nokia N82 smartphone. I feel compelled to write this post as you might be tempted to think how well the two interact... The results are'nt that good.

After some like 3 months of using wireless internet access my dissatisfaction was total. Speed was never exiting ranging from 0kbps to 50kpbs. Today as major UMTS providers are pushing internet adapters as crazy it was at least a turnoff to see such performace.

Web sharing throught joikuspot Light
I used the Joikuspot light application to visit the internet using my N82 connection. Basically it turns the phone into a access point. The light version namely allows you to roam the web... namely. In fact it looks to me like it's acting as a proxy with the nokia browser (a gecko based one). This brings massive incompatibility with the Apple's Safari browser wich otherwise can enjoy some optimization while visiting the net. The result is that sites and applications don't work, forget facebook, gmail and every single iPod application.

Internet sharing throught Koikuspot Premium
I then downloaded joikuspot premium to see improvements in speed and compatability with applications. The result is that while speed didn't improve at all I had limited connectivity for the applications.

Wireless performance for N82 tested
Now let's see the problem here: wireless performance. It looks like the internal antennas have some problem living togheter. For testing I used several connections methods to my Macbook and my iPod touch, then comparing the results with I come to these conclusions
  • Wired UMTS connection: Good
  • Bluetooth UMTS sharing: Poor
  • WiFi UMTS Sharing throught Joikuspot: Very Poor to none.
To share a wired connection over WiFi from the macbook is not difficult. You just need to go into preferences -> sharing -> internet sharing -> Share from wired to airport. The same can be done to share from a Windows Machine but that's a pointless effort to me.

Here I throw some graph from my testing to show the futility of buying into a joikuspot software or using bluetooth for internet connections with a N82.

MacBook internet access with various methods including Joikuspot
iPod Touch internet access with various methods including Joikuspot
If' you're looking for wireless internet access from your N82 expect poor performance. In addition to it I've found that the joikuspot professional applications is useless and the joikuspot lite is unusable for iPod touch access. When travelling you're advised to carry the cable alongside your phone.

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Alle 6 ottobre 2009 12:31 , Blogger SkynetBbs ha detto...

have you tested with a Mifi, Fonera 2.0g and/or fonera 2.0n as well (cradlepoint routers)


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