domenica 15 luglio 2007

We all love Norton Antivirus

There was a time when symantec products were useful and needed. And that time is gone. I had the unpleasant experience of removing the suite from a friend's PC. She's technically challenged for a series of reasons the main of those is that she's a woman and the others are related to that one.

The process was painful as much as she was studborne. Her line was "I PAID for this and I want to keep it". She insisted to keep this line to the point she convinced a idiot before me to patch the notebook installing NOD over Norton. Of course no viruses were detected.

To clean the mess I linked her HD to my laptop and made a scan with Avira (that antivirus comes free you know that?). A long series of viruses then showed up.

Norton Antivirus is so nice and is the perfect companion to microsoft Windows. They are so close that you get them whatever you want them or not, with every new pc. At least I've got the impression that Symantec actually pays computer makers to install the trialware (ransomware?) on their machines.

Now since it is clear that we all love Norton Antivirus I am going to report some gems and poems that people wrote about the subject on the internet:

From velocityreviews
I would NOT put that bloated piece of crap on any computer for any amount of money. As a matter of fact, I charge extra for removing from a computer, and tell my clients up front about the extra charge.

Reply: I don't charge extra. It makes me feel so much better to uninstall NSW, I'd probably do it for free.

Your system will run MUCH better without ANY Symantec bloated crapware.

Nortons is one of the first things on-site techs remove when going on an appointment for a pc with odd problems. Removing nortons often solves the problem. It's been this way for perhaps 5 years or more, ever since they put out witch doctor.

It really depends on whether said client installed Norton, after my warning of it pharking the computer's OS. Also if they waited x amount of days or months before contacting me with a problem, which is usually a virus or worm, an updated Norton bloatware has overlooked.
Clients don't want me to be able to say, "I told ya so!", so they wait until the machine is totally inoperable.

From p2pforums
I've just spent 6 hours on a clients laptop cursing the day Norton was born. They make it difficult to update if you don't pay your ducets so this poor gal stopped updating thinking she was protected. 30 frelling infected files.

From fish8me a blog that summarizes it up:
it doesn’t detect the stuff you need it to - when it does happen to detect a threat, it won’t fucking remove it - its virus scans mess everything up - it slows your system down tremendously

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