martedì 30 ottobre 2007

Nokia battery replacement arrived.

Today I received my battery replacement. As noone knows Nokia is offering free replacement batteries for the ones that bought one from a defective bach from matsushita. Those defective batteries were produced in china with second choice materials (Possibly altered without nokia knowing) and had in some cases the tendence to overheat or even ignite.

Now a LIPO Fire is never a good thing. Lithium Polymers are unstable and can start a self-sustaining chemical fire that neither water or sand can extinguish. Even worse those batteries have the habit of exploding.

Here is a video for your information. The first battery is a cheap and fake chinese, the second in a "compatible one" and the third costing several orders of magnitude more is a original Nokia, you watch the video then decide what you want in your jeans pocket:

Then it comes this other video depicting a envelope very similar to the one that I found in my mailbox with instructions on how to return my old battery...

And finally the instructions for disposing the battery in a leafleet that I scanned for your convenience. The page to check if your battery is on the blacklist is here! Curtesy of Nokia!

I'd liked it more if the instructions were printed on recycled paper instead than a sheet of plastic.

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