lunedì 29 ottobre 2007

MOO minicards are arrived!!!!

And they are crap.

By getting a PRO account on flickr you are eligible to get a 10 free MOO minicards as a gift. I did. It didn't work in the first place but then they fixed a bug and I was later able to place a order for these cards. You can configure how you want your picture to be framed and additional data to be placed n the card but in the end the real problem is that these cards are not good.

Results are disappointing. I uploaded good resolution pictures and the cards are printed with a thypographical looking process. I am still undecided if there is a moiree but the contrast and resolution seems to be dimmed in comparison to the originals. Also the cards are really mini and I don't see any actual usefullness. The cardboard is strong and the packaging is great but still... if I am ever going to order prints from MOO it's sure it won't be another bach of minicards.

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