lunedì 6 maggio 2013

How to add your Android phone to your Google Print "Printer list"

It can happen that you mistakenly or on pourpose delete one or more of your phones from the Google Print service.

Unfortunately the instructions on how to add back your phone to the list are not in the google instructions.

This is a simple "how to" list

  • If not present install "GOOGLE CHROME" on your device. You can accomplish this on multiple ways, i provided the link to the Play Store. 
  • Open the application on the phone and then go to the settings screen
  • When into settings tap on your Google Account name (your email usually).
  • You should see a "Chrome to Mobile" item. Tap it to deselect. Tap again to select. 
In a few seconds your Android Phone should be listed into the available printers. When sending a page to a phone it will be rendered as a PDF; then you get a dialog to open the pdf files according to the apps you have already installed. If you close the dialog the pages are still available in the phone memory in the "download/ChromeSnapshots" folder. 

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