lunedì 22 marzo 2010

NOKIA N97 mini - How to put facebook back on the phone

Nokia has gone a tad bad on this phone. When you get it first is completely loaded with crap (mostly useless). In a rush to eradicate this unuseful icons from the phone I eventually resorted to do a format of the device.

It turns out that when you format the phone you end up losing the useful widgets, the most unuseful crap is hardwired and cannot be removed.

So here is the point: how to get back the facebook widget and application? When you visit the OVI store on the phone there is no way to find it.

Solution: Visit this page: and then send yourself a SMS from the very same page. When you receive it and click on the link OVI store will pop up and the otherwise invisible Facebook application will be downloaded and installed.

(The OVI store application is obviously fucked up as well).