lunedì 15 aprile 2013

Speed comparison amongst browsers

Are you using the opera browser? Have you got the sensation it is slow rendering Facebook Pages?

I do. So I made a benchmark about javascript performance as most of the interface is now written in that language. Here are presented the results

The test is actually available here:

And the winner is Google Chrome

Google Chrome (Tested 26.0): 13947
Mozilla Firefox (Tested 20.0.1) :  8801
Opera Browser (12.15): 5504
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Tested 10.0.92): 5390

So while Opera maybe is the browser for the intelligent people (Hoax) we can be assured it's not designed to be the browser for the fast ones reaching the third place in the most used browser list just a small gap ahead from the infamous internet explorer.

Having more than 1000 contacts on facebook does not improve the situation, I'm avaiting a new realease of Opera to keep it at least usable.

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