giovedì 19 aprile 2007

YapPhone Driver - Restituite lo YapPhone alla vita

Works for: Windows 98 / ME /98SE - Windows 2000 - Windows XP (Limited functionality)
YapPhone alias Y@ap Phone drivers - This phone was built and commercialised in Italy by "Millecom" (Dead Link) a enterprise entering the VoIP business maybe too soon. The hardware was left unsupported and my requests to the staff were unanswered for a long time. It used in italy the Net2Phone carrier (still alive) and it looks like it is still commercialised by some Chinese resellers whose drivers are not accessible.
You will have to use the device manager to install this phone. For Windows XP use the Windows 2000 folder. During the installation you will be requested the infamous file "yapload.sys". This file is in the root of the installation directory.
After installing the drivers this phone can be selected as a default audio device for SKYPE or other VoIP applications. With some luck you can find it used on Ebay for as low as 10€.
Under Windows XP the phone keyboard loses functionality. And of course I didn't bother to test under other O/S.
Good luck.

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Alle 8 ottobre 2008 16:08 , Blogger bambusmann ha detto...

is there an way to still get the driver? I've searched everywhere already an there is ni way to find this driver. Would be great if you could make the driver available again.
Thanks in advance and greetings form Germany.


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