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 Use - This office suite started like a miracle: Sun gave up the code and license of their staroffice software to the open source community of the world. The results are astonishing, just like linux, a real O/S the openoffice suite of application can rival the established microsoft office. As a big bonus it is free and 100% compatible with the commercial option. Download by clicking the above button.

Get Firefox! firefox @ - Talking about free and excellent software this is a piece of art. Also an offspring of the first real browser. When microsoft forced netscape into a niche of the market the wise guys at netscape decided to start a foundation for free software. This foundation produced several interestiong opensourced programs that outperform commercial alternatives. Many of these innovations are going to be actually copied into microsoft products.

Get Thunderbird Thunderbird @ - Thunderbird, the email client that let you, not somebody else, in charge of your mail. Many people described Outlook as windows's default mailware installer :) Althought not properly correct this affirmation is sadly accurate. Most virus and malware propagates by internet mail. Outlook has been the favourite target of this scum. Two are the main reasons: 1) Outlook is used by compuyter illitterates - 2) Outlook is deeply rooted in Windows and if succesfully hacked can full permissions at root level to the hacker. - Here you will finrd some modified open source programs. The modification permit you, the final user, to run all of these programs on a USB STICK! Now, even if you cannot afford a computer, you can have your own productivity/home environment on a usb keychain and bring it with you wherever you go! I personally use this to take my mail system with me while I am travelling. All you have to do is to get to any pc, insert your stick and use your favourite programs. When you are fished take the stick out and no data is left on the pc. - The least known and most effective antivirus software on the internet. ad-aware - The malware/spyware scanner for your windows/OS Free of charge of course. Spybot Search & destroy - The most efficient and free to use bot removal tool (destroys pure malware)
Needless to say all of these programs are useless on the Macintosh I just use them on Windows installs. By that I clearly mean that Apple os is way more safe than Microsoft code.

MUSIC is funny up to the point you understand the system - A young music activist group somewhere in the USA took a look into the music industry and didn't like it. They state that from the beginning big music corporations established rules and procedures crafted at art to exploit artists. Take a good look at the site because it is objective and proof based with many interviews to artists and managers. Also on this site iTunes is Bogus a parody of iTunes that points out to the flaws of the corrupted/corrupting music system of the USA. And this is really funny: whatacrappypresent - Parody website about the activities of RIAA and MPAA

AllofMP3 - As for me I can suggest you safely buy your music in non DRM format - buy online - buy possibly from a nation with a copyright law that hasn't yet been bought by oligopolists. Kudos to Mr Putin for allowing me and my friends to buy MP3 (not the WMA Shit) @ allofmp3!

You can use this music on your portable player of any brand and burn them to your CDs. These medias in italy have a special surcharge for compensating artists throught a found run my SIAE. Note that the SIAE compensates ARTISTS with a fair share of 50% and it is completely legal to make copies for private/non profit use as long as this tax is due.

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