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DLink-604T Ghetto Modding


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Cause: I was experiencing problems with the ADSL modem/router. During usage the wireless network becomes disconnected. When looking for wireless networks in winXP another network shows up but the PC is unable to connect to any. To reconnect you have to unplug the router.

Investigation: I found the router to be extremely hot. Disregarding any warranty I just opened it and found a really hot processor (around 75C°) - Also I took a look at various forums for similar problems. And of course found lots of information.

Cure Part 1: In order to operate correctly the forums suggested to lighten the load on the modem CPU. Thus 1) Disable the DHCP 2) Disable the DNS Relay - This worked to some extent to speed up internet browsing and had a positve effect also on the disconnect problem.

But the real improvement comes when applying a heasink to the CPU. After that I didn't encounter any disconnect for all the winter time. You can find cheap heatsinks/thermal tapein VGA cooler packages by Vantec.

Cure part 2: Actually summertime is coming - Had lots of disconnects again. This time I resorted in building a ghetto cooling box.

How to build a box: You need Scissors, A quiet fan, tape, some cables, one plug, one power adapter to 12Vcc or even 9Vcc, soldering iron, a cardboard box, and a couple of screws for the fan.

1) Take the box - Cut with the scissors a hole in the box for the router to fit in. The hole should be tight enought so much air won't pass through when the box is finished.
2) Decide where to put the fan and once again cut the shape for the air intake and pinpoint the holes for the screws.
3) Put the plug on one side of the box, run the cables from the plug to the fan and solder (you might want to check the polarity)

You are finished. Plug the fan put the router in the custom airlock :D Mine is now working flawlessly. (I know it's ugly, but its effective!)

Considerations: You will need a separate power adapter. The one that comes with your router is nominally a 12V-AC adapter. Since it is alternated current it cannot operate the DC fan. My original project was to divert the power from this bick to the fan but it failed since I didn't take my time to read the power input specifications of the D-link.

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